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INDESTRUCTIBLE by Devilloc INDESTRUCTIBLE :icondevilloc:Devilloc 0 0
She was lust personified,
an angel fallen from grace but still just as beautiful,
and for her…
For her I would bleed myself dry
until the very last drop,
as long as that meant her lips would never dry out.
So haunted by her vision am I
that my mind is lost in an endless abyss…
A dark void, in which she is the only light source,
my sun…
Her mouth could set alight the coldest ice,
her piercing eyes could cast away the darkest night
and her beating heart,
beating to a song only we can hear,
could make me dance until I died.
Her skin, the softest silk.
Her lustful lips, my only desire.
In love with her I fell,
never to stand back up again.
“Vieste do nada,
e do nada me salvaste.”
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 2 3
I would bleed a thousand black holes
unto my poem’s flesh
but I cannot,
I WILL not,
lose myself in the process.
I would give you all the treasures in the world
if you would just believe and pray to me.
But you never did (and you never will).
I would’ve named the whole universe after you,
not just a single star,
and yet I would not think it’d be enough.
But would you ever deserve such a gift?
How can someone with no faith deserve that which only faith can bring?
And how could I ever give you it all,
if all you’ve ever given me is nothing.
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 0 0
Sunrise at Pripyat
Sunrise at Pripyat
Everything ends,
and when it does you can’t help but look back
to try to understand where things went wrong.
And that… that’s what hurts.
Looking back.
Every story must have an ending,
and everyone, in the end, dies alone.
It’s strange to understand
that a relationship without love
is much like an abandoned town.
It is there, it can be beautiful.
But it’s pretty much meaningless…
And doomed to oblivion.
And in the end,
what do you have left?
Dust and faded photographs
of people and moments.
Those damn memories
that pound and scream inside your mind
and won’t let you sleep at night.
But you still hold on to them,
even if you have no idea why…
Those damn memories,
of when everything was okay
and life in that town had a point…
But in the end,
all that’s left are shadows…
And the undying hope that the sun may one day rise again.
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 1 0
Visionless Visionaries
Visionless Visionaries
All of us,
sleepless insomniacs,
looking for someone just like us
to fall asleep with.
Virgin nymphomaniacs,
looking for love in all the wrong places
where love can never be found.
All of us,
fallen angels that never got to hit the ground,
caught in an endless spiral of distraught
along this perilous life that,
while never-ending,
never really got to start.
All of us,
trapped inside ourselves and never within one another.
Miserable but never quite sad,
lonely but never quite alone,
longing for the touch of those whom shall never give it
and denying our own touch to those who crave it the most.
All of us,
insomniacs just wishing for an eternal peaceful sleep
alongside someone who will dare dream with us.
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 2 4
Chains and shackles,
bound my straitjacket.
They make silences and noises
as I bash them against the walls.
Twisting and twirling,
swinging and whirling,
insane straitjacket
of a mad hatter
bound and chained,
bound in pain...
Welcome to the Asylum.
Peeling off my skin
to let the monsters out from inside.
Peeling off my skin,
never again to hide...
Letting out all my pain
that I have stored deep inside.
Letting out my screams
to silence the voices in my mind.
Chain and shackles,
forever to be bound.
Burning all the memories,
never to be found.
I wish I could run away
and let go of it all.
But deep down I know I can't
and so I crash, I burn and I fall…
This is my Asylum,
a loony-place just for me.
Inside my own private world,
the only place where I'm ever free
Free to let out all the pain
that I have stored deep inside.
To let out all my screams
so that I don't lose my mind.
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 6 4
Rouge Lips and Noir Hearts
Rouge Lips & Noir Hearts
I'm pretty sure the world loses its colour
everytime I'm not with you…
Maybe, just maybe, though I'm not sure.
But everything does look quite grey.
Maybe it's the music,
the dead end angels that keep singing
across the black city skyline.
Maybe the alcohol from the champagne,
it does make my lips feel a bit number.
Maybe it's the smoke from the candles and incense,
yes, the smoke in which we immerse ourselves every single night,
reminding me of a nicotine sky…
Maybe it's you…
yes, you,
with those lips that make me lust for more and more,
sucking the very life out of me…
And your hazel eyes,
my only light source in this dark, cold night…
just maybe,
we're right for each-other,
and this is the beginning of our forever…
The moment that would bring light to our hearts.
I wouldn't know what to say,
what to write,
if I had to put this into words.
but maybe,
just maybe,
a simple "stay with me" would do.
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 0 9
My Sweet Lullaby
My Sweet Lullaby
Rest my love,
lay your head on my chest
and listen to my heartbeat.
Listen to my whispered words...
I don't need to shout them to the world,
because you are the world.
Listen, my love,
to my sweet lullaby
and fall asleep hugging me tight,
even if it's for the last time.
Listen my love,
and I hope the words stay with you.
Keeping you safe in the cold,
cruel morning.
It won't matter if I'm gone tomorrow,
my sweet lullaby for you will play on.
Because, in the end,
you were always the right one for me.
Even if I'm not the right one for you.
My sweet lullaby will play on...
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 0 12
I failed...
I failed…
I failed…
And it doesn't matter that you'll keep saying it was your fault.
It wasn't,
and it never will be.
I failed…
And your caresses will go uncared for.
Your sweet whispered words will fall on deaf ears
and your love,
the love I craved for so long,
will just be lost to the sands of time.
Because I failed,
and I know I did…
And it won't matter how tight you hold me
when you sleep with your bare body against mine,
because I'll just stay awake the whole night,
watching the lights and shadows swimming across the bedroom ceiling,
feeling your warm breath on my neck…
in the end,
I know I failed you…
And you deserve much better than me.
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 3 1
Stolen Years
Stolen Years
Wake up every mornin'
know I've felt this way before…
Goin' on a path of self-destruction.
It used to be worse than this,
I know that I've still got some hope…
And yet I know I can't get enough!
Wish I could kill,
wish I could feel,
your skin just one more time!
Wish you'd come back
for just one night,
bring in just a lil'more light!
So give it to me, and give it hard,
shatter my soul, leave a scar,
and please forgive me… for all the stolen years!
For all the stolen years…
Wake up every mornin'
with the same dreaded thought in my head…
These memories will be the end of me.
Why have you forsaken me,
and why can't you just come back?
Why can't you just scream for me once again!
Wish I could kill,
wish I could feel,
your skin just one more time!
Wish you'd come back
for just one night,
bring in just a lil'more light!
You were my wishing well, my shooting star,
but I will never have your heart…
So please forgive me… for all the stolen
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 3 4
Heart of Serpentarius
Heart of Serpentarius
I feel you…
under my skin…

You make me shed my skin,
restart my life anew.
Leaving me bare,
You're the only one
that makes me feel like this…
So… Open to attack.
You could kill me with a single sentence
if you wanted to.
And sometimes I think you do…
But when you touch me,
at the Heart of Serpentarius,
you just shatter all the pain.
Hold me close,
or push me away,
but just make up your mind…
You are the rain, in which I drench my cold body,
with which I hide the tears that run across my face.
Even though,
you and I both know,
you're the one that caused them in the first place.
When you touch me…
It feels like the calming touch of God Himself.
But sometimes it's different… Sometimes it burns,
like a kiss from the Serpent Angel…
But when you touch me,
at the Heart of Serpentarius,
you just shatter all the pain,
though I know you'll just bring it back.
But when
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 2 2
The Arachnid And The Insect
The Arachnid And The Insect
I'll manipulate,
and tell you the stories
that you have always
longed to hear.
I'll manipulate,
you'll be my fool,
and I'll be your master.
An ultimatum,
all you need.
The first chance,
but also the last.
Unknown to you,
sweet little fool,
give me all you've got.
But when I go there,
you won't go with me.
No pleasure for you
in the sex.
And when I come back
you won't be there.
Arachnid and the insect.
I'll manipulate
and lie to you.
And say "I love you"
with a smile on my face.
And you'll believe me,
because you want to,
now give me what I want!
An ultimatum
that I give to you.
It's either now,
or never!
So bow down,
to your God,
give me all you've got!
But when I go there,
you won't go with me.
No pleasure for you
in the sex.
And when I come back
you won't be there.
Arachnid and the insect.
And when I leave you-
-won't go with me.
No pleasure taken
from what you lacked.
I'll never come back,
I promise you that.
The arachnid… and the insect!
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 2 2
O Beijo
O Beijo
Ali estivemos, mais uma vez.
Num tempo que parece infinito
ao mesmo tempo que parece durar apenas 5 segundos...
É muito, é pouco, não sei.
Tinha algo a dizer,
mas as palavras ficaram na garganta.
Tinha algo a fazer,
mas as acções não saíram do cérebro.
E então ali estaremos, mais uma vez,
só mais uma... Ou então não.
Deixa-me tentar outra vez.
Desta vez eu prometo que o faço...
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 5 6
Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride
Here I stand,
beneath the world.
I look up but I can't see,
your light has blinded me.
Here I lay and live,
within the whispers and the moans
of the wind and the moon.
Every time you wrap your arms around my neck
it feels like a tightening noose.
Suffocating, murderous…
But it's like asphyxiophilia,
the pain you bring me just feels so good…
When you lean closer for a kiss,
when your cold lips finally touch mine.
I've told you so much,
but you never break your silence.
No words are ever spoken about what remains in your dead heart.
No words are ever spoken of the unseen flame that I hope still burns inside.
Does it burn for me?...
Unspoken words hanging from cadaveric tongue and lips,
and my heart beating faster,
hanging itself in the silent sway of your hips…
Making me miss life…
Making me want to run to the very edge of the world
and just jump off to see what's beyond.
And yet here I stand…
Never running away or spreading my wings.
Every ti
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 11 2
Never Forever
Never Forever
of ascension,
of a dream within a dream,
of a time after forever,
of what was before the never.
I'll be the wishing well,
if she's willing to be the wish.
The dream eternal,
to whom I cast my fears.
The fountain of youth
from which I drink to become ageless again...
But what sweet irony,
for when I'm locked inside her heart
is the only time I've ever felt free.
The only time when I can say I actually am,
and the only time where I ever want to be.
With her eyes resting brightless in the night sky,
a lightless light (or perhaps a darkful one?)
that casts me away from myself.
Where am I if not in her?
Who and what am I if not hers?
Am I alive if my life depends on another's?
And what sweet irony,
for locked inside her heart
is the only place where I ever want to be.
Drowning in my restless dreams of after forever,
and what came before the never...
One travels the loneliest,
when lost amongst a crowd.
When no one will ever hear,
no matter how loud you
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 4 7
Forgive me Father by Devilloc Forgive me Father :icondevilloc:Devilloc 1 0

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The Fallen Archangel Rafael
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Born aeons ago under the fullmoon, it is said that his parents threw him off the highest cliff and adopted the afterbirth instead...
Unfortunately for all under the sky, this was not enough to end him.
After looking high and low for a suitable place that fitted his needs both physical and psychological, he decided to settle somewhere along the shores of the Tejo river, in the ruins of the ancient city of al-Ushbuna. There, his influence would reach the four corners of the world...

He has been known by many names over the ages, but let us use the one that has become most widespread.
Let us simply call this abomination...
The Goddamn Devilloc.
Preacher of Blasphemies,
weaver of darkness,
taker of souls,
holder of the heart of serpentarius and lover of the wolfhearted...

I've been writing so much lately (even though I haven't posted much, you know me, I only post the ones I deem worthy =P)... It feels absolutely orgasmic to let everything out once again. It's intoxicating and invigorating. This is exactly what I needed. God, I missed the feeling..

There's so much going on in my life right now. Some good things, some bad things. But aren't we all like that? But it feels nice, somehow. I was finally able to shake the past off, and throw away the 'trash' that I should've gotten rid of ages ago.
It feels like a new life. It IS a new life. All the pieces of the puzzle seem to be fitting nicely into each-other, even though it's still too soon to know if everything will indeed go acording to plan.
But you know what?
I don't care.
Even if it doesn't go acording to plan, I don't care.
Because I feel good.
I can do this...
The Goddamn Devilloc is back.
  • Playing: my trump card...


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